Anita Cheese Sauce is a versatile, ready to use
sauce made from a selection of
quality Australian cheeses.


Perfect base for
mac and cheese.


Ideal sauce for hot dogs, nachos and
loaded fries.


Heat and freeze thaw stable
can be
used hot or cold.


Great for filling pies,
quiches and pastries.

Why Is Anita Cheese Sauce so good?

Pure Dairy’s Anita Cheese Sauce is Australian made. Its creamy, buttery American cheese flavour ensures its complements Nachos, hotdogs, Cheesy Fries and perfect for Mac N’ Cheese.

Anita Cheese sauce was born out of the food service industries’ desire for consistency in quality, texture and taste for their cheese sauce. Anita Cheese sauce is easily customized into a wide variety of entrées, dips, and sides for endless versatility.

Anita Cheese Sauce is easily heated and maintains a reliable and consistent performance and
quality of flavour you need, whilst also being visually appealing.

Product Information

Anita Cheese Sauce

Product Code


Unit Size

1 kg Bag

Carton Size

5 x 1 kg

Shelf Life

240 Days

Why Is Anita Cheese Sauce on Trend ?

Anita Cheese sauce is a smooth creamy sauce with a distinct American flavour perfect for the American food craze sweeping the nation. It’s a versatile sauce that won’t lose its creamy texture whether hot or cold.

Our Anita Cheese sauce is made to the same creamy taste as our famous High Melt Burger Slices with the same eye-catching colour (all natural, no nasty food colouring!) So, load up your fries, Hot dogs and Mac N’ Cheese and have people coming back for seconds.